The end of “The Walking Dead”

Now I have yet to read the comics, and I don’t plan on it until the show has finished. But this is how I predict, and plot the ending to be.

The final episode leaves Rick alone. Everyone has died off finally. Daryl is gone, Michonne is gone, Carl is gone. Everyone he had left in his group is gone and he can’t take anymore. He goes to the nearest city he can find, with the final bit of ammo he has left for his guns and runs around shooting, attracting every zombie there is around that can hear him. As the zombies surround him he stumbles back and lays down and begins to weep and says, “I’m sorry Lori, I’m sorry Carl” and waits for the zombies to finish him off. As he lies there he here’s a voice saying, “Rick don’t leave us, don’t go Rick, not yet..” He opens his eyes and sees Lori above him looking into his eyes, as she shuts them once more, he hears those words louder and clearer. He opens them one last time and sees Lori, Carl, and Shane sitting in chairs around his hospital bed begging him not to slip out of his coma. They notice him awakening and Rick just looks at them, dazed, confused, and relieved. He breaks down, cries uncontrollably and hugs them and falls to the floor in tears of joy.

Today a girl dropped a folded up paper in the hall way. I picked it up and at the top of the paper it said: “Reasons I shouldn’t harm myself”

Instantly I took it and wrote: “Because you’re beautiful.”

Next period when I saw her I said “You dropped this in the hall.” and told her reason #6 should be enough and she opened it and I saw her tear up and a big smile on her face and I kid you not I haven’t seen a girl smile like this in my life and I’m more than happy I was able to bring that to her face.

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